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GM Tuition provides personalised tutoring for children aged 6 and upwards. Through caring and

patient support, GM Tuition aims to improve all areas of literacy, including reading and writing. One of the key aims is to help children develop a love of reading and books and to improve attainment in all areas of the curriculum. Children who have worked one-to-one with Gabrielle also often leave with improved self-esteem and confidence.


For more information about Gabrielle McCallion, please click on to the 'About Gabrielle' page or to get in touch, either visit the Contact page or email [email protected]

A personal, one-to-one tutoring experience.

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Praise for Gabrielle McCallion & GM


"... has become a more confident reader. I am really impressed with his attitude towards reading, he tries any words now instead of refusing. Thank you for your support."

    - The Parents View.


"Personalised tuition makes an enormous difference to the children. They are able to access all areas of the curriculum much easier. This is not only because they become able readers, but because of the boost in confidence it gives them. I wish every child could have the opportunity!"

    - The Teachers View.


"My reading is fantastic! I can read "Laughing Hyena" now! I'm glad I do reading, I love it!"

    - The Childs View



I remember the look

of the unreadable page


the difficult jumble


and then the page

became transparent


and then the page

ceased to exist:


at last I was riding

this bicycle all by myself.

Learning to Read

Cilla McQueen